Vacant and Partially Vacant Land Identification

The Verde Valley Community Development Organization (VVCDO) is pleased to provide the following information to developers and builders who are seeking to enter into or expand within the Verde Valley. The following information provides access to the Yavapai County Vacant Land Database with many search layers. If the information you are seeking is not available in the database please contact the respective community representatives provided below.

*We are in the process of working with the communities and county to refine the Vacant Land Database and provide an additional search layer, Developable Land.

Yavapai County Interactive Map

(Vacant Land is selectable under: Map Layers > Property Features > Vacant Land. You must enter an address, parcel, or other identifier before you can make the vacant land selection.)

Key data elements available include:

  • Assessor’s parcel number
  • General location, jurisdiction, zip code
  • Lot size
  • Zoning
  • Infrastructure, utilities
  • Property ownership
  • Water and Fire Districts
  • Sewer and water
  • Other

Community Contact Information:

For specific community information that is not available on the Yavapai County Interactive Tool, please contact the community where the land is located.

Camp Verde

John Knight, Director of Community Development
Molly Davies, Deputy Town Manager/Director of Economic Development
928- 554-0007,


Ruth Mayday, Deputy Town Manager/Director of Community Development Department


Scott Ellis, Director of Community Development
928-634-5505, ext. 3321,
Tricia Lewis – Director of Tourism and Economic Development


Will Blodgett, Zoning Administrator


Steve Mertes, Director of Community Development

Yavapai County

Jeremy Dye, Director of Development Services

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